We've reinvented NIADA CPO from the ground up.

Introducing NIADA CPO 3.0


NIADA Certified 360™ will be the first certification program of its kind. The program features multiple Administrators to give all independent dealers options to get into the program. We have five retail administrators on the front side of the program. GWC Warranty, ProGuard, GSFS Group, Southwest Dealer Services and AUL. In the sixth spot will be reinsurance companies for dealers that do reinsurance and any other administrators that meet the criteria set by NIADA.

Benefits of selling NIADA Certified Pre-Owned vehicles

· The limited warranty and digital inspection assures consumers CPO vehicles are held to a higher standard than other used vehicles, providing peace of mind.

· The certified designation elevates CPO vehicle to a different class in terms of reliability and price point.

· Customers are on average willing to pay more for CPO units.

· Certified vehicles sell more quickly than the average car.

· CPO programs are attractive to Millennial car buyers – a traditionally difficult generation to reach.

· CPO opens a new market for independent dealers – customers also considering purchasing a new car.

· NIADA’s program is backed by the reputation of a well-respected national association, reassuring customers that the dealership is held to a Code of Ethics.

· The NIADA logo carries a level of respect that builds trust and confidence in its branded program and provides a third-party endorsement that the CPO vehicle meets high quality standards.

· Partnerships and integrations with industry vendors provide services similar to new car franchises and improve your ability to attract customers.

The program features Carketa’s digital vehicle inspection platform that can be linked to a dealer’s retail listings, showing what was done to the vehicle and items checked during the inspection process. The transparency of the inspection is what will separate this program from others. Any dealer found to be falsifying inspection reports will be identified and removed from the program.

The qualification for the program involves training by NIADA to certify dealers on best practices to ensure the integrity of the program. The digital inspection is mandatory, as well as training by the administrators. The dealers will also have to sign the NIADA Code of Ethics and hold current membership to their state affiliation and NIADA.

In addition to the CPO program, current components of NIADA Certified 360™ include:

Carketa Digital Inspection

Carketa provides a 200-plus-point digital inspection and condition report for all NIADA Certified vehicles – a key piece to the CPO program’s success.

Carketa’s system automates the inspection process and generates a digital condition report complete with images that can be automatically added to the dealership’s website, advertising, vehicle detail pages, third-party listings and vehicle history reports.

The report adds credibility and consumer confidence to the NIADA Certified program – and illustrates for the customer why the vehicle is worth the price.

It shows consumers what’s been done on the car to validate the vehicle’s certified status, showing that vehicle is being held to a higher standard.


DealerMallUSA, the official NIADA marketplace for dealers, is an online digital retailing platform powered by MOTOix, featuring vehicles for sale in an environment created to bring efficiency to online car shopping while helping NIADA member dealers increase sales and provide an exceptional customer experience.

DealerMallUSA includes vehicles from any NIADA members, but it will showcase vehicles in the NIADA Certified program.

The platform allows consumers to buy vehicles total online. Future upgrades will include digital financing options and more.

What’s ahead?

NIADA Certified 360™ will continue to grow. More components are scheduled to come online soon to give NIADA Certified dealers and customers more options for services to make the vehicle purchase process simpler and smoother, providing the seamless experience today’s consumers want and expect.

Programs coming soon

National service network: NIADA is currently developing a network of NIADA certified shops across the country, which will be able to do digital inspections, certification and repairs for dealers who don’t have service facilities and will be available for warranty

Vehicle financing options: NIADA is working with major lenders to serve as finance sources for sales of CPO vehicles. Those finance options will be available digitally for consumers buying online through NIADA’s DealerMall USA platform.

Titling and registration: Titling and registration services will be soon available to facilitate sales of CPO units.

Vehicle transport: A major national logistics provider will give NIADA Certified dealers the ability to deliver vehicles to customers in all 50 states, providing and end-to-end digital sales experience to compete with major online retailers.

Reinsurance: NIADA Certified administrators and other companies will be available to provide reinsurance programs to dealers participating in the CPO program.

Our CPO Programs:

CPO Program Guidelines

· Mandatory virtual training with sign off after completion

· Digital Inspection

· 10 model years or newer

· 125,000 miles or less

· No more than 1 minor accident on a vehicle history report

· Option of 3 month/3,000-mile warranty, 6 month/6,000-mile warranty, 12 month/12,000-mile warranty

VIP Program Guidelines

· Mandatory virtual training with sign off after completion

· Manual checklist/inspection

· 12 model years or newer

· 150,000 miles or less

· Minor accidents acceptable

· 3 months/3,000-mile warranty

Keep in mind this time around, the program was designed by dealers on the committee to solve issues we have every day. There will also be a wholesale vehicle exchange program for our members that are in this program. With the current vehicle shortage this will help.

Any questions can be directed to the chairman of the CPO committee.

Lou Tedeschi